Ghost Fetishes: Story 16

Ghost Fetishes: Story 16
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His body is sculptured from mineral. The hands, face, and legs are made from clay. The teeth may be of glass or of crystal sharpened like nails, and the mouth gapes, awaiting offerings of coca and cigarettes. The hands stretch out for liquor. The spirit can also appear as an apparition: In the peasant communities of the Andean plateau, where, individually and communally, the tillers of the soil exercise a measure of real control over the means of production, the spirit owners of nature differ from those in the mines, where the capitalist mode of production reigns.

Only in the mines, honeycombed mountains of capitalist organization, does the spirit owner seem predominantly and actively evil. There, rites to the spirit owner are necessary and frequent; yet, try as they might, the miners are constantly on the verge of failure despite their ritual propitiation.


Prior to nationalization, wages were shared between the ten to fifteen members of a work gang who were tied to contracts based on the amount of metal excavated. Following nationalization the gangs were dismembered into two-person units and wages were fixed by the cubic meter dug out rather than by the amount of mineral extracted. But after the military coup and takeover of the mines in , the union lost much of its power.

Now the workers have neither the strength of their old primary work groups nor that of the monolithic union. In the autobiography of the miner Juan Rojas, it is strikingly clear that the miners are preoccupied with the life of the mine as a living entity, so to speak.

They are forced by the management hierarchy to struggle with the rock face and to hate the work that destroys their lungs and shortens their lives. Yet, at the same time they care for the mine.


Ghost Fetishes: Story 16 - Kindle edition by Arla Coopa. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks . A second demon has been added to the mix. And with two demons, Joshua will be at least twice as bad, probably worse. He'll also learn the tail.

They may be said to be flowing like water, moving, asleep, pure, beautiful, growing like a potato, like raw sugar, sweet, screaming below the ground. The mine is enchanted, but it is the antithesis of a Christian enchantment. It is opposed to the world of Christ; it is of the antichrist.

At the entrance to the mine one may pray to God and make the sign of the cross. But inside one must never do this.

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One cannot even use the pick when working close to mineral because the pick has the form of the cross. Otherwise, one may lose the vein. God reigns on the surface, but the Tio is king in the mine. Rojas himself felt that his luck was out. He was refused permission by the engineer to resign as head of the gang.

Ghost Fetishes Series

When his mate returned to work, he suggested to Rojas that they perform a rite to the Tio. They bought the offerings of sugar, hard corn, sweet corn, beer, white wine, red wine, pisco, and a sheep. A visiting shaman was contracted. Then they went to eat the sheep. When they were finished, the bones were wrapped in red wool, and they made their way back to the mine. The heart was placed in the center of the sugar sweets and flowers, and on top the bones were placed in the form of the complete skeleton, which was then covered with the hide.

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