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Fred, The Vampire Accountant (Literature) - TV Tropes

Mayor Poubelle also gets a media exposure benefit for his anti-vampire crusade. They check out the trailer of his organization and discover he plans to run for Mayor, and is using the vampire story to increase his notoriety. On the way back, they are attacked by Valdronya. He clings to the top of the Mystery Machine and reaches in through the skylight.

Daphne tears off a piece of fabric from his sleeve, and Velma forces him off the car by running through a very low tunnel. That night, Shaggy and Scooby are attacked by Valdronya and chased into the swamp, where Shaggy thinks he's been bitten and will turn into a vampire. There they meet Tulie, who reveals he invented a pair of hover shoes, but the plans were stolen by vampires, and he was forced to flee into the swamp.

Meanwhile, Fred, Daphne, and Velma discover the fabric from Valdronya's costume is from modern material.

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Van Helsing, however, says the clothing has been changed over the years due to disintegration of the original material, but the body is still the actual vampire. He shows them what remains of Valdronya's original garments, and Daphne ascertains that no fabric has been made like that for hundreds of years. Daphne decides to question the troupe and meets with Bram. When she turns down his offers of affection, with a promise of immortality, he kidnaps her to become the bride of Valdronya. Daphne alerts Fred via text message, and Fred, Velma, and Van Helsing travel into the swamp to stop the marriage ceremony.

On their way, Van Helsing is pulled from the ship and disappears; when Fred and Velma investigate they instead find Shaggy and Scooby, where Velma proves to Shaggy that he is not turning into a vampire as it was just a splinter on his neck, not a bite mark. The actors tie Daphne by the hands between two trees and put the tiara and necklace on her, and they tell her they expect to be rewarded with immortality if they give her to Valdronya as his bride.

The monster appears to claim his bride, and with a swirl of green mist he sends the actors to sleep, telling them that when they awake they will be immortal. Daphne also succumbs to the mist and in a trance she agrees to the wedding. Valdronya arrives, but Shaggy and Scooby distract him while Velma unties her.

In the ensuing chase, Valdronya's costume is blown away by Scooby and Shaggy's airboat 's propeller, revealing modern clothes and Tulie's hover boots underneath, and the vampire is then captured by Fred. Valdronya is unmasked and revealed to be Van Helsing. He wanted to stage a vampire wedding to create his own new tourist attraction, and to sell more books.

He used a combination of the stolen boots, knockout gas, and holographic projections to create the monster effects. The hands that dragged him away were just a machine he prepared in advance. He created the fake story about the Vampire's clothing using random ancient fabric when he thought the Gang was getting close to him.

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The actors were duped into thinking he was a real vampire who could grant them immortality, so they helped him. The Sheriff arrests Van Helsing and the actors.

Bram apologizes to Daphne, who is oddly flattered that he chose her to be the vampire's bride, but when he makes an appeal to go on a date with her after he gets out of prison, she coldly rejects the idea because she never dates actors. The gang then leaves to go on another vacation where they hope not to run into any more monsters or mysteries.

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Super Hero High Mystery of the Batwoman Scooby-Doo! The Fast and the Furry The Batman vs. Brainiac Attacks Tom and Jerry: Shiver Me Whiskers Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo Bah, Humduck! After discovering he had magical potential, he used necromancy to raise Albert as a zombie. When Albert is in danger during the trial Arch puts him through, Neil demands to be allowed to help his friend.

He ends up boosting Albert's power, allowing the latter to defeat the monster. Arch then starts training them both, with Albert as the front-line combatant and Neil as his magical support. In the story about an old amusement park, Fred, Bubba, and Richard keep encountering things that appear to be either ghosts or another type of Parahuman. Then it turns out that it's just a gang of meth dealers that's trying to scare them off using masks and cheap tricks.

Krystal is a top field agent for a secret agency that hunts down villainous supernatural creatures and keeps the peace with the good ones. In the second book, Fred meets June, Krystal's almost-sister-in-law, who is half- Fey , and Arch, Krystal's mentor, who is even more badass than Krystal. At the beginning of the third book, Fred is being hunted by a normal human named Colin, who has somehow learned that Fred is a vampire and goes after him using "standard" Hollywood anti-vampire implements, such as garlic which is only mildly irritating to a vampire and silver Fred becomes immune to silver at the end of the second book.

Krystal later reveals that Colin's family was slaughtered by a rogue vampire, who kept him for last, but Colin managed to get the vampire with a silver knife in the forehead, when it was his turn. I Hate You, Vampire Dad: Fred hasn't given much thought about his vampire sire, since, by the time he came to after being turned, the other vampire has left. Then Quinn returns and expresses his disappointment that Fred hasn't gone on a killing spree across the city.

Apparently, Quinn specifically targeted Fred, assuming his mild-mannered exterior was an indicator of suppressed rage at the world. However, instead of using his newfound powers to get back at the people, who used to pick on him, Fred merely continued to live a quiet life. Naturally, the feeling of dislike is reciprocated, especially after Quinn kidnaps Krystal in order to force Fred to become a monster. Later on, Fred finds out that the odds of a turning being successful are actually pretty small, meaning Quinn likely killed dozens of people before successfully turning him.

A Vampire Named Fred

In the fourth book, Quinn raids an Agency base in order to get his revenge on Fred using a number of other vampires he turned meaning, in all likelihood, he killed several hundred people before getting those to turn successfully , using a magical artifact to amplify his control over the vampires. His goal is to mind-control Fred, then force him to kill his friends one-by-one, which would eventually force Krystal to put him down.

So far, he has attacked agents twice, and has managed to flee both times, even though attacking agents is typically a death sentence. In order to save Krystal and Bubba from dracolings, he challenges them. The latter set him up in a jousting match at the Excalibur in Vegas against their champion.

Fred Goes Swimming

Not being a professional knight, Fred is utterly owned by the champion twice. Fred manages to win by having Bubba in pony form run as fast as he can and then ride him like a surfboard. He then uses his arm to deflect the champion's lance and uses his own as a baseball bat, knocking over not only the champion but his horse as well. When the dracolings claim that it doesn't count, Krystal explains that, according to their rules, it does.

The last story of the second book has Fred and Krystal go to a party at Richard's building. Fred takes one look at Gideon and realizes it's not him. Arch immediately confirms that he already knows that. However, killing a dragon as old and powerful as Gideon would result in a huge magical ripple wave, so the other dragon has merely trapped him in an inescapable magical prison.

When threatened by an aggressive vampire clan, Fred decides to try to avoid either joining them or being killed by forming a vampire clan of his own. At the meeting with representatives of the other clan, he discovers that Krystal has learned about his plan and asks several of Fred's friends to join his new clan. As it turns out, the laws governing vampires don't actually require all clan members to be vampires, just Parahumans.

In the next book, though, the other house has filed a grievance against Fred with the Blood Council, claiming that he's not a "true vampire" and thus can't be allowed to form a clan of his own. The Council sends Deborah to evaluate Fred and determine whether the House of Fred should be purged or not. In the latter case, the petitioner is the one paying the price for wasting the Council's time. Fred also learns that the treaties prevent anyone from intervening, if Deborah rules against Fred.

Given Fred's shyness, Krystal is the one making all the moves.

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He proposes to her at the end of book 4, and she accepts. Anything said to dracolings constitutes a verbal agreement and is bound by magic. Agents like Krystal have to take a 2-year certification course just to be able to interact with them, and the certification must be renewed annually. The Fey also tend to treat any and all agreements seriously, which includes betrothals. After Fred's proposal at the end of book 4, Krystal is summoned to the land of the Fey in order to undergo trials, after which she will be freed from her obligation to marry September Windbrook.

Bubba is a big tough guy with a slight southern accent, whose favorite pastime involves drinking lots of beer. His day job is driving a truck. Then Krystal reveals that he's gay and has a crush on Fred. The agency Krystal works for keeps the knowledge of supernatural beings a secret from the humans. When asked if they wipe memories, Krystal says she wishes her agency had a device like that. Nope, they have to use lies, false evidence, and friends in high places, not to mention the normal human Weirdness Censor.

The leader of the therians in Fred's town is a werelion named Richard , who is as brave as he is strong and kind. Since his character is a vampire like him, he ends up in a group of "vampires". Their leader decides to perform a sneak attack on the Emperor the organizer of the session. However, the Emperor tricks them and reveals that he's a necromancer. He then reads a spell from a book to "freeze" them in place. To his horror, Fred realizes that he is actually frozen in place and that the necromancer is the real deal, having the power to control the undead.

After the necromancer's defeat, Fred is surprised to learn that he won't be killed or arrested. Actually, his offense is "practicing magic without a license", which is a misdemeanor at best. So he'll be trained to use magic responsibly and then let go. Fred's sire Quinn also reveals that he used to dabble in necromancy, when he was alive. In book 4, Quinn tries to use an amplifier artifact to exert the natural vampire sire's mind control on Fred.

Fred speculates it has something to do with Gideon temporarily using his body as an avatar, which has also made Fred immune to silver. Our Demons Are Different: There are different kinds of hellish creatures. The lower-ranking demons are able to interbreed with humans. The higher-ranking devils are really bad news. Only two recorded cases of a devil appearing in the world have been recorded, and the event is always accompanied by untold destruction.

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Capturing a devil requires a powerful mage and a Virgin Sacrifice. The female virgin in question is used to trap the devil in her body through a ritual. The cursed girl then becomes virtually immortal. If she is killed, then the devil inside her comes to the surface, deals with whatever danger is present, and revives her body. Apparently, the girl doesn't age either and even has a slightly higher than normal metabolism, meaning she always stays slim no matter how much food she eats. The only way to be rid of the curse is to have a daughter.

Krystal reveals that she once got into a bad car accident and was badly hurt. That was when she discovered her curse. The agency people found her and explained what she was before offering her a job, as her "get out of death free card" means she's one of their best field agents. Our Dragons Are Different: Dragons are the most powerful supernatural creatures in the world.

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tufynihuru.tk: A Vampire Named Fred eBook: Bill Crider: Kindle Store. I looked over at Fred. It was hard to tell, since he was hanging upside down, but it looked as if he had a sulky expression on his face. Of course.

There aren't that many left, and the three that live in the US split it among themselves. Gideon is the so-called "King of the West", as he is in charge of all Parahumans living on the West Coast. Since all dragons are shapeshifters , they tend to spend much of their time in human form. They are also able to interbreed with humans, and their Half-Human Hybrid descendants secretly rule Las Vegas.

Our Vampires Are Different: Fred has most of the strength and weaknesses attributed to vampires in the folklore and in movies. He can't handle sunlight, silver gives him a bad rash, and a wooden stake to the heart will turn him into ash. He needs blood, although one "meal" per several days is usually enough. He can eat normal food, even though it provides him no nourishment.

He doesn't need to breathe, but lifelong habits are hard to break. Later, though, Fred finds out why vampires are considered very dangerous and why most Parahumans distrust them. Apparently, vampires feed not only on humans but on Parahumans as well. Feeding on Parahumans temporarily imbues vampires with new powers, such as increased strength, speed, agility, Voluntary Shapeshifting , etc. This explains the different kinds of vampires in various cultures across the world: It's also revealed that a vampire sire typically has at least some psychic control over his or her progeny, unless the progeny in question is incredibly strong-willed.

Surprisingly, Fred is one of the latter. Our Werewolves Are Different: Fred faces off against a pack of werewolves during his high school reunion. Not much is known about their abilities and weaknesses. There are also other kinds of shapeshifters. Bubba is a weresteed, although he is then forces to reveal that his animal form is actually a pony. A big pony, but still, not quite a horse. Fred later meets the so-called "Were-Mayor", who appears to be the ruler of all shapeshifters in the area. The guy, Richard, is physically imposing and made of solid muscle.

Fred personally described him as a football recruiter's dream. He turns into a huge lion. Our Zombies Are Different: Zombies are animated by magic and are usually summoned by a necromancer to work for him or her. In Albert's case, after his death from Erotic Asphyxiation , his best friend was distraught. Then he found a black book in his late grandmother's things and discovered that he had a latent magical talent.

He then used a spell from the book to bring Albert back as a zombie. In many ways, Albert is as timid as Fred. After the necromancer's detainment, Albert stands the risk of permanent death, as the magic that animates him is only active for as long as he works for someone. So Fred starts using Albert to do the menial work for his accounting firm, and Albert moves in with him. Krystal later admits that Albert is extremely rare in that few necromancers actually care about their creations, the way Neil cares about Albert.

Later on, Albert becomes the first zombie in history to become the wielder of a Weapon of Destiny. Richard will do anything to protect his little girl. Being a huge werelion helps. Then again, he doesn't actually have to do much, as his daughter is also under the personal protection of Gideon, who has no qualms about showing anyone who hurts her the error of his ways, usually permanently. Those with magic powers, who are under probation, have to wear a special black collar that prevents them from using magic except in the vicinity of their mentor, who is wearing a matching bracelet that acts as a "key" for the collar.

Dragons are able to cast runes that severely deplete the magical potential of any Parahuman in the area, effectively making them almost human. Fred ends up being immune thanks to Gideon feeding him drop of his blood earlier. Vampires can temporarily gain new powers by drinking the blood of Parahumans. In fact, the main reasons the others are afraid of them is because they're better at it than the original owners. Really Years Old: In Richard's home, Fred meets a seven-year-old kid named Gideon, who looks at him like an elephant looks at a gnat.

Fred realizes that this "kid" is to a vampire what a vampire is to a normal person. Later, Richard explains that Gideon is a millennia-old dragon, one of the three dragons, who fought the British during the American Revolution. He has the unofficial title of "King of the West", being the most powerful magical being on the West Coast.

Nothing major gets done in the area without his approval. For some reason, though, he prefers to spend most of his time in the form of a seven-year-old. See Arranged Marriage for the reason. Richard, the leader of the therians in Fred's town. Fred ends up getting him a huge tax refund. Removing the Head or Destroying the Brain: In the fourth book, Arch implies that this is the only way to kill him and tells Fred to run if that happens. It turns out that's not entirely true. He still survives after that, but it takes him out of action for about ten seconds, which can often mean the difference between life and death for others.

Fred's former coworker Asha becomes this after learning about the Parahuman world. She eventually gets curious and decides to become a fully-certified Parahuman attorney. Secret Test of Character: Krystal's colleague June puts Fred through one in the second book in order to figure out what sort of a man he is. Krystal isn't happy about it, but she still allows June to proceed, even after figuring it out. Amy is a young but powerful mage with a specialty in alchemy. Her new protege is Albert's best friend and aspiring necromancer.

In short order, Amy's apprentice becomes smitten with her, both for her skill and her beauty, although it's obvious the feeling is one-sided.