First Steps to Solitary Witchcraft: Its Practice and Life Benefits

First Steps To Solitary Witchcraft: Ins Practice and Life Benefits
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I recently discovered the "wall gazing" method. You don't need anything but relative silence and a blank wall to sit in front of. Sit cross legged as close to the wall as you can, so basically you want your knees touching the wall If you cannot sit comfortably this way then sit on a chair. Keep your back straight. If you have poor posture then this will definitely be uncomfortable. Then you just sit there and stare at the wall. Thoughts are going to come into your mind. Just watch them pass by, like watching cars on the street.

They don't stop to talk to you, they just drive on past. Your mind is going to want to follow these thoughts. When you notice this happen don't get upset, just bring yourself back by refocusing on your breathing. This is not easy, and it's not fun. It's not supposed to be fun. It's not supposed to be relaxing. It's work but it will really help you achieve what you want in your life.

It helps you understand what your true priorities are. Your mind is going to hate you for doing this. It's going to come up with a million reasons why meditation is stupid and you should just stop or give up. It's going to tell you everything around your home you could be doing right now.

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Accept those thoughts and refocus. You can do it. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. I'm new to magick, and I need advice on which spells will work even after I master the whole mind thing. I also don't really want my parents to know. When you say 'what exactly do you want to learn' are there different types of magick?

Im very new and want to learn more about it.

Love spells are tricky. That's because love is a combination of a bunch of other things, compassion, trust, chemistry, shared interests, physical attractiveness. But personally I think it's unfair to try to force someone to love you. It's also unlikely you will be able to change a physical characteristic such as your height. I really need some help I need a spell that can make someone fall in love, and maybe a spell to get taller are there any??

Different deities have different preferences when it comes to prayer and worship. You'll have to do your own research on that. I personally do not worship any deities.

Marie Bruce

Im also new to wicca and I'd like to know how to exactly worship her and connect to her. Is there some ritual you do to connect to Nyx? Or some special prayer? I find Scott Cunningham's books to be very straightforward.

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He clearly states the facts and clearly states his own opinions. I would recommend that you keep a journal as you learn. Your own thoughts will teach you more than you realize. I want to become a wiccan, but I know nothing about magick and I have trouble focusing on anything that isn't my own thoughts.

Any books you recommend when it comes to wiccans who are beginners. Most magic practiced in Wicca is performed within the own mind. Tools such as candles, incense, and crystals are used to help you focus your mind, but are ultimately unnecessary. If you are still living with your parents then you have to accept the rules of their house, if this means no candles or incense that's the way it has to be sometimes even after you have moved into an apartment of your own you are not allowed candles or incense.

This just means you have to find other ways to help yourself focus. This can be achieved through journaling or meditation sitting silently and letting your thoughts wash over you until your mind is clear. I actually don't know that much about gemstones. I mostly use quartz I find on the beach and around my house. My parents are devout Christians, my dad is a pastor, and they see Wicca as stupid and against their god. I never saw anything in Christianity, and have become interested in Wicca, but they refuse to let me practice. I don't want to lie to them about practicing, but I want to practice.

What do I do? It is not hard to become a Wiccan. You can have a little ceremony to initiate yourself but it is not necessary. There is no formal hierarchy and you don't have to dedicate yourself to any deities unless you want to. Wicca is a religion that encourages learning, and personal growth. Wicca is simply one path of practicing witchcraft and using spellwork. There are many other paths you could take. There are lots of books out there. Just start reading and see where it takes you. I recommend keeping a journal. Write down the things that resonate with you and that you want to learn more about.

Is it hard to become Wiccan? I found this not too long ago and it appeals to me a lot! Is there anything I should know about being Wiccan before I try it? There is no such thing as good or bad energy. It's all about your intent. There are no tricks or loopholes. You're not asking a genie for a wish. If you cast a spell for money you very likely won't get a bad result like finding stolen money or a relative dying to leave you an inheritance. You'll probably either find money on the sidewalk or be shown a job opportunity.

Witchcraft is just using magic. There are many different paths of magic users. Wicca is just one of them. Wicca is a religion that practices witchcraft. Practitioners tend to worship Mother Earth. They follow the Rule of 3 what you send out will come back to you three times and "Do as you will as you harm none. There are many books about the topics of Wicca and Witchcraft. Many local libraries carry them in the non-fiction religion section. There's always more to learn.

You do not have to worship any deities in Wicca. Many practitioners just do what they can to show respect for the earth such as recycling or growing plants. Wicca is a religion that worships the "Goddess" or "Mother Earth" and sometimes, to a lesser extent a "God" or "Father Sky. Anyone can practice witchcraft and use magick regardless of religious beliefs.

So there are Christians who practice witchcraft which doesn't make any sense to me as well as athiests who do magick and spells. I'm kind of confused. I've read different articles, some saying that to be considered Wiccan you must worship some kind of deity.

Pros and Cons of Solitary Practice verses Coven Practice

Others saying you don't. So what is it? I've read articles by people saying that you can love nature and be interested in magick and not be Wiccan soooo? Maybe someone to talk to about starting. The natural world is divided into the four elements. Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. The best way to learn about the elements is to work with them. This is best done if you are able to get out into nature. I know a lot of people live in urban environments and nature is not as easy to come by. There are plenty of ways to work with the elements in the comfort of your own home.

You can work with the element of fire by using a candle. Though always be safe and make sure you have permission to burn candles. Sit and focus on the flame and how it moves. Find an opportunity to build a campfire. It definitely helps you respect the element of fire.

Water is a very cleansing element. You take showers, wash your face, drink water to purify your body. Each of these can become their own small cleansing rituals as long as you stay mindful while you are doing them. Get a small houseplant if you can. Be mindful of the watering instructions. It really is amazing to see plants grow and change. Or find a tree or other plant you are drawn to and pay attention to how it changes over time. We need air to live. Every time you take a breath you are working with the element of air. Really take some time to focus on your breathing.

Stand outside on a windy day and really feel the power of the element of air. All people are able to harness the energy of the universe to practice witchcraft and cast spells. There's much more to magic than just casting spells. It's also a way to understand the world around you and gain insight into your own personal beliefs. Spells and the tools and chants involved are just used to focus your energy to achieve a specific result. You are probably already casting mini spells without realizing it.

Anytime you find yourself focusing on something you are working magic.

Solitary Practice

If you are "praying" for a specific result for something. I'm 13 and am studying Wicca and witchcraft but no one else knows about it. I haven't tried to cast any spells yet and am unsure of what would be a simple spell to try to get me started. Please could you help? When explaining to others use "feel" statements. It makes me feel powerful.

It makes me feel connected. When casting spells you want to be as focused as possible. Be very aware of your intention and keep in mind any way your spell could go astray. If you're lucky you may find a rock shop in your area that sells rocks and gemstones. Maybe an occult shop. Avoid getting them at novelty shops because sometimes they are fake and made of plastic. There are plenty of places to buy them online. Just look at reviews and make sure they are reputable. You will pay more for real crystals. If you think you've found a deal they may be fake and made of plastic or glass.

I have heard there are Christian witches.

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First Steps to Solitary Witchcraft: Its Practice and Life Benefits by Marie Bruce ( Feb) Paperback on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. First Steps To Solitary Witchcraft: Ins Practice and Life Benefits [Marie Bruce] on A self- development book for women that teaches them to reclaim their.

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