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But I know that journalism, as in photography there is the choice of having a point that is necessary and normal. However, to hide some perspectives with unverified information and to distort and twist reality by staging, it is anything but photojournalism.

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At least, that is not the quality photojournalism you're supposed to reward. You say, The World Press Photo is committed to the support and development of photojournalism and documentary photography at the International level.

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We are also committed to this mission and that's why we ask you to withdraw the prize awarded to Mr. Troilo in light of our arguments and our explanations. Conversation and debate have swirled around what exactly is too much Photoshop work.

Does the removal of a stray foot or a cigarette butt constitute distorting the truth? But Charleroi raises what is, perhaps, an even more important issue than Photoshop manipulation. Rather, it can be seen as the blurring the lines between photojournalism and conceptual and staged art photography.

At the heart of photojournalism is an allegiance to truth.

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Other photojournalists have staged or been accused of staging photos for effect and that includes some of the greats like Robert Capa and W. This is actually Philippe Genion, a well-known personality in Charleroi and…he loves posing topless. He lives in a neighborhood that is relatively peaceful. As evidence of this, the town provided the World Press Photo organization with this video showing the wine bar and a jolly Mr.

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He argued that the night shot of the Charleroi police force implied that its new headquarters was a response to a rise in crime. But the photographer does not present his work as such.

The mere fact that this series was submitted to the World Press Photo and especially the fact that it has been awarded gives it a journalistic credibility. Although Italian, Giovanni Troilo and his parents had lived in Charleroi for many years while his father worked in a factory there. Mayor Magnette ends his letter to the WPP noting that there might be more behind the essay than simple reportage.

No, Charleroi is not the black heart of Europe. You will not find residents who recognize this town in his series of images; whose captions are more like settling of old scores, than reportage. Here are 40 notable movies about photography every photographer should watch… in no particular order.

A dark thriller featuring an inspired Robin Williams playing a Walmart one-hour photo clerk who ended up stalking a family whose pictures he regularly takes and develops. An independent art house film that is brooding, melancholy and beautifully shot. The two exploit each other to advance their careers.

The main character, James Stewart , stars alongside Grace Kelly in this classic Hitchcock thriller about a wheelchair bound photographer who spies on his neighbors through the lens of his camera. In one of his voyeuristic episodes he is convinced he sees one of them commit a murder. Although the film only shows a little bit of the photography side, the film itself was wonderfully shot and gives an accurate depiction of the photography process.

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A lesser known film from the pre- Gladiator career of Russell Crowe , whose character describes to a blind photographer Hugo Weaving in his pre- Matrix role the photos he had taken. Sounds like cliche, but the movie was wonderfully filmed and acted.

Three journalists in a romantic triangle are involved in political intrigue during the last days of the corrupt Somozoa regime in Nicaragua before it falls to a popular revolution in This chilling portrayal of life growing up in the favelas and streets of Brazil shows two boys coming of age, one of them growing up to become a photographer.

Not only considered as the best film about photography, it is also one of the best films to come out in recent years. Starting a new career in photography, he expresses his artistic aptitude in more unrestrained portraits of nudes in classical settings and thus subjects himself in the limelight of scornful notoriety! However, her love of photography and decision to keep the camera ultimately changes her life.

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The film shows how a lonely and shy housewife in New York set out a journey into the world of photography shooting images of people that stand outside the confines of society. Andie MacDowell stars as the wife of a missing photojournalist reported lost in the Yugoslavian civil war of Two filmmakers travels to the brothels in Calcutta and gives child prostitutes cameras to shoot their everyday lives. The result is one inspiring and heartbreaking peek into their world which also resulted into having their pictures exhibited in a NYC gallery. An intimate look at the career of photojournalist James Nachtwey as he shoots his way into the horrors of world conflicts.