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Geophysical Research Abstracts, Vienna, Austria, pp. Assessment of the phenology impact on SVAT modelling through a crop growth model under climate change conditions and consequences on the water balance.


Impact of surface emissivity and atmospheric conditions on surface temperatures derived from Landsat 7 brightness temperature. Modeling of drainage and hay production over the Crau aquifer for analyzing the impact of global change on aquifer recharge. Accepted for oral presentation. Global trends in vegetation phenology from year GEOV1 leaf area index time series.

Assessment of evapotranspiration and biophysical variables from various remote sensing data acquired on the Hymex pilot site: Poster [ URL ]. Multi-year assessment of soil-vegetation-atmosphere transfer SVAT modeling uncertainties over a Mediterranean agricultural site.

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Goldschmidt Conference, Montreal-Canada, June Oral session [ URL ]. Edinburgh, Scotland, June Modelling water balance and biomass production at the regional scale: Example of the Crau area. Uncertainties on evapotranspiration derived from Landsat images depending on reliability of albedo input data over a Mediterranean agricultural region. Comparison of different algorithms based on thermal data.

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Assessment of the phenology impact on SVAT modelling through a crop growth model over a Mediterranean crop site: Consequences on the water balance under climate change conditions. Estimating groundwater fluxes by hydrodynamic and geochemical approaches in a heterogeneous Mediterranean system central Tunisia. Land biophysical variables estimates from the Sentinel 2 and 3 missions: Use of environmental tracers to assess the impact of intense agricultural activity on a semi-arid aquifer: Pinning and flow regimes of thin liquid layers on a heterogenous substrate.

Deterministic transport of particles in a micropore lattice. Renault , Martin-Laurent F. Heat waves and soil Mediterranean microbial communities: Differential influence of drought, high-temperature and perturbation. Soil humidity, soil depth and geometry of plantation influence catabolic structure of microbial communities in maize crop system. Impact of chronic and pulse pesticide exposures on periphyton communities. Symposium for European Freshwater Sciences 7.

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An empirical expression to relate aerodynamic and surface temperatures for use within single-source energy balance models. Geophysical Research Abstracts, Vol.

Enjeux de territoire, nov. Bacillus cereus, a model for studying the impact of climate changes on food borne pathogens in soils? Hydrogeochemical modelling of clay-rich landslides and anomalies in groundwater compositions: Hydrological and chemical characterization of an earth slide-flow. Management effects on net ecosystem carbon and GHG budgets at European crop sites. Transpiration Regulation of silver firs during and after severe droughts in relation to soil properties. Time domain modeling of wave propagation in 2D acoustic porous media.

Wheat field high throughput phenotyping from concept to application. Crop specific green area index versus current global leaf area index products: Workshop on the Analysis of multi-temporal Remote Sensing images Multitemp , juil. Monitoring water content in highly-clayey soils: Analysis of water infiltration in soft clay-shale unstable hillslopes South French Alps: Multi- year assessment of surface vegetation atmosphere transfer SVAT modeling uncertainties over Mediterranean Agricicultural site.

Improvement of the Triangle method for soil moisture evaluation by adding a third index: Transport study in unsaturated porous media by tracer experiment in a dichromatic X-ray experimental device. Bulletin du GFHN 57, p La surveillance de glissements de terrain en Ubaye: Flow processes investigation in soft clay shales from tracing experiments at laboratory scale. Feynman-Kac equation for convection, dispersion and sorption. A simple method for estimating space-dependent parameters in soil science. Hinf and H2 bias aware filters for continuous-time Lipschitz systems.

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Saint Martin De Crau, 24 nov. Fractional Model for dispersion in porous media with time-dependent non-linear sorption. Hydrodynamic organisation of the flows in the unsaturated zone of the Fontaine de Vaucluse karst system. Moments and characteristic functions of the increments of stochastic processes combining dispersion and sorption. Quantification of LAI interannual anomalies by adjusting climatological patterns. Invited paper , EDP Sciences www. Springer Berlin Heidelberg,, pp. Quality assessment of the first version of Geoland-2 biophysical variables produced at global scale.


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Implementing a physical soil water flow model with minimal soil characteristics and added value offered by surface soil moisture measurements assimilation. Correcting the temperature effect on capacitance probe using the temperature and capacitance probe diurnal wave. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 14 9: Sister Soldiers of the Great War: The Nurses of the Canadian by Cynthia Toman.

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