A Guide To The Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies: A Beginners Guide
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Depression, deep gloom for no reason Human indication: When you feel depressed for no reason. Like a dark cloud that destroys normal cheerfulness. If your pet seems depressed for no reason. They will go on trying one thing after another, though their case may seem hopeless. They will fight on. They are discontented with themselves if illness interferes with their duties or helping others. They are brave people, fighting against great difficulties, without loss of hope of effort.

Exhaustion, overwork, workaholic, fatigued, over-achiever Human Indication: When you are exhausted, but keep struggling on. If your pet keep struggling although it is exhausted, never seem to quit. Daily life is hard work for them, without pleasure.

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Lack of energy, fatigue, convalescence Human indication: When you are exhausted with no reserves of strength or energy. Exhaustion, fatigue due to overwork: Even when successful they think they could have done better, and are never satisfied with the decisions they make. Would this remedy help me to stop blaming myself for everything? Guilt, self-reproach, humble, apologetic, shame, unworthy, undeserving Human indication: When you feel guilt and self-reproach, not necessarily based on any actual wrong-doing but destroys the possibility of joy in living.

If an animal feel shame or guilt for which something it cannot control. Often they have ceased to worry about themselves, but for those of. Worried, over-concern, fear Human indication: When you feel over-concerned and worried for others. In accident serious or sudden illness, or when the patient is very frightened or terrified, or if the conditions is serious enough to cause great fear to those around.

If the patient is not conscious the lips may be moistened with the remedy.

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Frozen fear, terror Human indication: When you feel terror, or after a nightmare. The feeling that you cannot react or move. Deer in the head light. They are hard masters to themselves. They wish to be well and strong and active, and will do anything which they believe will keep them so.

They hope to be examples which will appeal to others who may then follow their ideas and be better as a result. Self repression, self denial, self perfection, overwork, self-sacrificing, opinionated Human indication: Is indicated when you are too strict and set too-high standards for yourself, to the point of self-domination and self-martyrdom. They are usually quiet people, and bear their difficulty alone, as they are not inclined to discuss it with others.

When you suffer from indecision, particularly when faced with two choices. The shock of serious news, the loss of someone dear, the fright following an accident, and such like. For those who for a time refuse to be consoled, this remedy brings comfort. Trauma, after effect of shock, post traumatic stress Human indication: For after effects of trauma or traumatic experience. Abused, mistreated in the past. When the mind or body feels as if it had borne to the uttermost limit of its endurance, and that now it must give way.

When it seems there is nothing but destruction and annihilation left to face.

Bach Flower Remedies: The Journey to Simple Healing Part 1

Extreme mental anguish, hopeless despair, intense sorrow Human indication: When you feel hopeless despair, and you feel an intense sorrow and feel destroyed by it. They have a great wish to convert all around them to their own views of life.

They are strong of will and have much courage when they are convinced of those things that they wish to teach. In illness they struggle on long after many would have given up their duties. Over-enthusiasm, hyper-active, fanatical, highly strung Human indication: For people who are strong-willed and highly strung with minds that race ahead of events. Enthusiastic, always want to be involved, high strung.

Being so assured, they think that it would be for the benefit of others if they could be persuaded to do things as they themselves do, or as they are certain is right. Even in illness they will direct their attendants. They may be of great value in emergency. Domineering, inflexible, very capable, gifted, bullying, aggressive Human indication: For those who dominate others. They know better than everyone else and put others down. Authoritative, dominant even over their owners. The remedy gives constancy and protection from outside influences.

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Honeysuckle - Living in the past, homesickness. For more long-term use, Revival Remedy can also be included in a treatment bottle by adding 4 drops of the stock remedy. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. When you easily get discouraged when faced with difficulties.

Change, link breaker, menopause, puberty, moving, let go of the past, protection Human indication: Protection from outside influences and energies. Helps you adjust to major changes. For any period of change. Very quiet people, who move about without noise, they are aloof, leave people alone and go their own way. Often clever and talented.

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Their peace and calmness is a blessing to those around them. Proud, aloof, lonely, anti-social, disdainful, condescending, self-reliant, private Human indication: People who feel lonely because they have a tendency to appear proud and anti-social. Unfriendly, stand-offish, they do not invite or welcome cuddles, petting or obvious affection. Usually at such times when the interest of the moment is not strong enough to keep the mind full. Thoughts which worry and still remain, or if for a time thrown out, will return. They seem to circle round and round and cause mental torture.

The presence of such unpleasant thoughts drives out peace and interferes with being able to think only of the work or pleasure of the day. Repeated unwanted thoughts, mental arguments, concentration, sleeplessness, insomnia. When you mind is cluttered with thoughts or mental arguments. You may be unable to sleep because of the thoughts.

Their difficulty is to determine what occupation to follow; as although their ambitions are strong, they have no calling which appeals to them above all others. This may cause delay and dissatisfaction. Cross-road in life, decision making, lack of clarity, drifting in life Human indication: When you are uncertain of correct path in life.

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Helpful when you need to make important decisions. Loss of sense of direction or purpose; especially good for working or show animals who are being retired. They have surrendered to the struggle of life without complaint. Apathy, resignation, lost motivation, lack of ambition Human indication: For anyone who is resigned to an unpleasant situation whether illness, a monotonous life or uncongenial work.

Choosing Your Bach Flower Remedies

Guide to the remedies. Each of the 38 remedies discovered by Dr Bach is directed at a particular characteristic or emotional state. To select the remedies you. This book is a thorough, straightforward guide to the Bach Flower Remedies and how to both use and understand them. It is written in the language of our time.

Lack of energy, enthusiasm, submissive and disinterested. They feel that they have not deserved so great a trial that it was unjust, and they become embittered. They often take less interest and are less active in those things of life which they had previously enjoyed. Self pity, resentment, short-changed, poor me, sulky, irritable, grumbling, bitterness, blame, complain Human indication: When you feel resentment, self-pity and bitterness. You would like to regain a sense of humor and proportion.

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