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Approximately 60 of the devices will be used for the first time during the harvest, which is due to start within a few weeks. But Mr Harrington says there are at least two other similar machines being engineered. He is concerned farmers will not be fully informed about their capacity to kill weed seeds. He said people purchasing weed-seed destroying machines, including his invention, will not see positive results in the paddocks for at least two or three years, so grain growers were taking a "blind leap of faith, hoping they will do the job".

An engineering researcher who once worked on improving the capabilities of the iHSD has gone it alone and this year Dr Nick Berry and his business partner Mark Ashenden started manufacturing their own device called the Seed Terminator. He had spent several years employed as an engineering PhD researcher at the University of South Australia, where he was involved in converting the Harrington Seed Destructor from a unit that was towed behind a grain harvester, to one that could be integrated into the back of the harvester.

After he did not win the rights to commercialise the iHSD, he decided to develop his own machine. Like the iHSD, the Seed Terminator is also a unit which can be retro-fitted to harvesters and processes the chaff riddled with weed seeds that exits the back of harvesters.

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Dr Berry's development of a machine similar to Mr Harrington's has caused conflict between the two inventors. While there has been some early testing on the Seed Terminator and independent agronomist Sam Trengove maintains it achieves around a 90 per cent success rate killing ryegrass, testing lags well behind that performed on the iHSD. The agronomist has tested 11 different weed varieties through the newer device but says the results from those tests look positive, they are not conclusive.

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The Seeding Machine: How to Sow Seeds Fast!

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As Australia weighs in on one of the world's hardest foreign policy questions, it's worth asking why countries don't already acknowledge Jerusalem as Israel's capital, writes Middle East correspondent Eric Tlozek. Ray Harrington came up with the idea to pulverise weed seeds through a powerful metal mill.

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Australian farmer's weed-destroying invention draws world interest. Prototype harvesting technology being trialled in the Victorian Mallee.


Wat is Premium Seeds Machines? At Croonwolter&dros we take care of our clients from A to Z. Our specialist begins with advising the client about suitable. This machine originally from Japan plants perfect lines of seeds with minimal effort. It only requires one operator to pull it and doesn't use fuel.

Sorry, this video has expired. Dr Berry developed his own weed seed device, having worked on a previous unit. We asked for your thoughts on testing the effectiveness of weed seed killing machines.


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Weed seed killing machine inventor wants similar products rigorously tested

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