Our Solar System Unit Study

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Jun 29, Gena Mayo Jun 29, Jenna Jun 29, Carol Graft Jun 29, What a great giveaway! We love all things space over here.

Facts About the Solar System: Lesson for Kids

Donna Hutson Jun 30, Amanda Banks Jun 30, Karyn Jun 30, Jocelyn McGaffic Jun 30, Tamara Manning Jun 30, My 6 and 7 year old are studying astronomy with me now. This would be a great addition.

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LindseyLoo Jun 30, Mel H Jun 30, Cheryl Chinn Jun 30, Love studying about the planets and space exploration with my kids and NOW my grandchildren…Homeschooling is the best! Lisa Matthew Jul 01, Wonderful list for the first time homeschool mom like myself. My son will definitely enjoy a unit like this. Fibia Jul 01, Eunice B Jul 01, Kelli Becton Jul 01, Jessica Jul 02, This would be a wonderful resource to have on hand this year as we study the solar system this coming year.

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Jul 02, Christina Jul 02, Lisa Dorsett Jul 02, These are wonderful printables that I can use with the science study that I can do with the kids! You represent Saturn and the ball or toy represents a piece of rock or ice that is orbiting Saturn.

The Sun and Stars

Preschool through Third Grade! Exploring Planets in the Classroom Loads of earth and solar system science experiments, such as gelatin volcanoes, alka seltzer rockets. Email Email is required. Mel H Jun 30, My middle school aged son really loves this one.

When I was younger, we thought that the rings were solid and continuous Now we know that the rings are NOT continuous! They are, in fact, made from many, many small pieces of rock and ice that are quickly orbiting Saturn.

What is the Solar System?

From a distance, when an object is moving quickly, that motion blurs and looks like a continuous line. It's like a giant optical illusion! It's easy to see this with a ball and string! It's not so easy to photograph, but here are a few attempts: In the picture above you can see the green blur arching above and to the left of her hand.

Solar System Unit Study For Kids

It's made by the following green toy on a black cord: In the picture below you can see a purple ball on the end of a yellow piece of yarn. The yarn is shorter, so the ball is closer to his hand. The blur in the picture is also shorter since the yarn is shorter.

A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks. Why not do it in a fun way! Preschool, Space is such an amazing and hard-to-understand concept for young learners.

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However, our little ones are often so intrigued by the thought of traveling on a rocket to places like the sun and planets. This month's publication takes the fascination with space and brings it to a young child's level.

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We got started with our space unit after a field trip where we learned a bit about the Apollo 11 mission to the moon. We eventually branched out into other areas of space, including astronaut life, the planets, the sun, the stars, and even other galaxies. If you are planning a. Join us for a study of these of the amazing outer space that surrounds our planet! Resources for all ages with videos, lesson plans, and printables.

They will learn what it is like to be an astronaut and journey through the solar system exploring the Preschool through Third Grade! PDF The temperature is rising, the sun is shining Whether your family schools throughout the An in depth discussion of the Sun, its composition, and how it works, is illustrated with simple graphics and computer animations that make learning easy.

Skits and jokes are sprinkled throughout the The Orchestra Regular price: PDF "This is a really great unit study.