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The amount that your insurer will pay you in the event of a write-off depends on whether you have insured your car for an agreed value or a market value.

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Market value is the most common method that vehicle owners choose to determine how much their car should be insured for — it's the amount your car would be worth in the open market. This sum is determined by the insurer. If your car is insured for an agreed value, it means that you and the insurer have agreed in the policy how much you will be paid if the car is a total loss. This is usually more than the market value. An agreed value policy is usually more expensive than a market value policy. Listing regular drivers can affect your premium, excess, policy coverage and the decision to insure you.

However, failing to list a regular driver may result in additional excesses, a reduction or refusal of a claim. You should always check with your insurer how listed and unlisted drivers may be taken into account. Speak to your individual insurer. However, learner drivers are generally covered on your car insurance policy so long as a fully licensed driver is in the car as the instructing passenger in the front seat. Depending on your insurer, an age or inexperience excess may still apply if the learner driver has an accident. Car insurance policies have many types of excesses that can apply in different situations.

In some instances you may have to pay more than one excess when you make a claim. If the claim is not your fault and you can identify the at-fault driver, some insurers will waive the excess. Others may require you to pay the excess and then will refund the amount at the end of the claim and repair process. Other types of excess that may be payable will depend on the circumstances of your claim.

The amount and types of excess you would be required to pay is listed in your insurance documents. A no-claims discount is accrued by drivers following a period when no claims are made on your insurance policy. These discounts will vary depending on your insurance provider and its criteria. When comparing policies, check about the type of discount on offer and the length of time that has to pass without making a claim before you are eligible.

What Can Influence Your Rates

Failing to be upfront and truthful with your insurer means that, if you need to make a claim, it could be rejected or reduced on the grounds you failed to disclose information to your insurer. You are obliged to tell the truth when buying an insurance policy.

Making a mistake in the information you give your insurer, whether it's deliberate or not, can affect the premium you pay. You should also make sure that you tell your insurer if your circumstances change. For example, if you modify your car, move house, have additional drivers using the vehicle or use the car for work or business.

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Your motor vehicle policy may not cover anything that can easily be removed and stolen from the vehicle, including personal property such as a briefcase, laptop or mobile device. Ideally, you should not leave valuable items in your car. However, if you have to, make sure items are out of sight of potential thieves. Most thefts are opportunistic and by hiding any valuables from sight you are considerably reducing the chance that your items will be stolen. If your property is stolen or damaged, some contents policies may cover personal property even if it is not in the home at the time of loss.

Insurance companies pay out most car insurance claims. However, insurers are much less likely to accept a claim in a number of circumstances, including if:. As with all insurance products, it pays to shop around. The Australian insurance market is highly competitive with more than licensed insurers operating. Though price is important, it is essential to buy motor insurance that offers the level of cover, and inclusions, that best meet your needs.

If you are planning to drive off-road, your policy may not cover you, or you may have to pay a higher premium to account for the increased risk. Speak to your insurance provider and explain what your requirements are for off-road driving. Whether you are covered will depend on your insurer and the type of policy you buy.

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Your insurer needs to be told about modifications or non-standard accessories fitted to your car as soon as possible. Failing to notify your insurer may affect a claim or result in your policy being cancelled altogether. When purchasing insurance, make sure you answer all questions about modifications accurately and honestly. This is part of your duty of disclosure. You also need to tell your insurer if you decide to make modifications to your car during the period of insurance cover. This calculator does not have the ability to pre-qualify you for any loan program.

Qualification for loan programs may require additional information such as credit ratings and repayment ability which is not gathered in this calculator. Information such as interest rates, taxes and pricing are subject to change at any time. There are several ways in which land owners obtain financing for development of real estate. Do you have a project idea?

What Coverage Do You Need?

We are the right partner, together we turn your project idea into. Managing working capital is key for every successful business. Insurance Personal Insurance Car Insurance. Car Insurance We value your car as much as you do. The following are also covered at an additional premium; Accessories —These include windscreen and Radio cassettes.

Risk note c Windscreen claim Windscreen claim form to be filled by the insured Photo of the broken windscreen ETR receipt for prior replacements of the windscreen Valuation report Photo of the replaced windscreen Claim Reference no. Can I pay the premiums in instalments?

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Can I get a courtesy car in case my car is in the garage? Do I need the valuation of my car? What's covered on this policy? What if I have more than one car? Will you handle my claims?

Types of car insurance

Additionally, such customers can easily shift to another insurer if they are keen to change and their NCB will follow them wherever they go. To download our car insurance factsheet, click here. This is part of your duty of disclosure. Results received from this calculator are estimates and are designed for comparative purposes only, and accuracy is not guaranteed. So why not leverage the Internet's potential to help you save time, save money, and find the best auto insurance coverage? Married people are less likely to pay higher premiums because of their good driving behaviors.

How long does it take? What documents do I need?

Car Insurance

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