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The most basic approach consists in reducing your waste as much as possible and sorting and recycling any rubbish left over. Valorlux also provides a door-to-door collection service for plastic, metal and cardboard packaging waste. In addition, other rubbish can be sorted and then dropped off at the Recycling Center. For used or second-hand objects that are still in good condition and no longer needed, why not giving them to acquaintances or associations and charities?

Otherwise one can also leave objects in the Give Boxe that is made available by the Transition BO organisation at the Rotondes.


And when possible try to repair things rather than throwing them out. For maintenance and household jobs, products that respect the environment can be used. For anyone wishing to go further, installing solar panels is another option. There is also the option of sharing a green space in a community garden, where you can meet new people at the same time. Inhabitants drop off items to be recycled.

EN Every year since the City of Luxembourg has developed an environmental action plan, a strategic document that serves as a roadmap and provides a global vision for a sustainable city by setting itself various goals and targets. This document covers different areas such as the protection of natural assets, energy consumption, urban planning and living environment, mobility, health, social and economic issues and tourism. For each of these themes, measures are put in place to improve our daily lives and preserve our future in a more sustainable city.

The small knot-shaped doughnuts that are eaten during the Carnival period have been around since Roman times. They celebrate the awakening of nature and announce the start of Lent. Mix all the ingredients in a deep dish and knead into a soft dough. Leave to stand for two hours. Form the dough into knots and allow these to rise for 1 hour.

Knead the dough again and roll it to a thickness of 1cm. Cook the doughnuts in a fryer and turn them around halfway through cooking. Drain them on paper towel and sprinkle with icing sugar. Fill in the grids so that each row, each column and each square contains all of the symbols. Et je fais mon compost. I take my metal water bottle to school.

Sauras-tu Sauras-tu lesles retrouver? Can Can you youspot findthem? Who the figure the horse in the statue front of the town hall? Whatlocated is the in emblem of the City of Luxembourg? Take a sedlfiseend it topin citymag. On y trouve des restes de peintures murales aux couleurs vives qui ornaient autrefois les murs, et des carreaux verts, jaunes et noirs qui recouvraient le sol. BONES Archaeologists have also discovered two tombs that may be linked to the church dating back to the 17th century.

Normalement, il devait y avoir des douves autour de la structure, nous devrions donc les voir. There are actually two churches there, one atop the other from the 17th and 13th centuries respectively. Archaeologists will document everything with 3D scanners in order to keep everything where it is and make plans for the parking garage to be built in a non-intrusive way. In , French troops seized the fortress and annexed it.

A year later, they dissolved the monastery and religious order. The Franciscan property was later donated to Luxembourg by Napoleon in TILES The pieces collected show that the walls of the cloister were decorated with colourful mural designs whilst the floor was covered in brightly coloured glazed floor tiles.

Before the recent excavations, historians have relied on maps to understand what is there. An map illustrates the 17th century abbey complete with extensive gardens and a cloister which spanned most of the public square at surface level. Currently, the dig has unearthed a church cloister including a choir and a spiral staircase leading to what they presume is a crypt.

There are remnants of colourful murals which once adorned the walls and tiles in green, yellow and black that made up the floor. Two 17th century graves have also been discovered at the site and may be connected to the church. Unfortunately, the ruins are not open to the public, per se. In fact, for safety reasons, the excavation has been closed for the Christmas season. It will reopen this year depending on the weather. While people will be able to walk past the area and glimpse the findings, there will be no official viewing area.

She is particularly excited to find out if this excavation validates the findings of Frank Reinard who made an excavation behind the Chamber of deputies. The castle and its bailey were certainly much bigger than it is today because only the remains of the castle are left on the Bock-Felsen , and no one today can imagine the bailey the way it was.

Normally, there should have been a moat surrounding the structure, so we may see that. This campaign will be short, but really important. EN Jangli is releasing two DVDs in Luxembourgish versions, with subtitles in both Luxembourgish and French, to enable parents to also enjoy following the stories.

Lancel is celebrating its th anniversary and the opening of its first store in Luxembourg, showcasing its part-contemporary, part-classic collections in graphical black, white and light wooden surroundings. EN Jo Malone London has established itself in the perfumery sector with its combination fragrance concept, whereby each creation is produced from two key fragrances. The brand recently opened a store in the city centre, showcasing its offering amid black and white surroundings.

Set over two floors, the surroundings here resemble those of a smart brasserie, where diners can enjoy French classics with a few innovative twists. The restaurant is open for breakfast and serves snacks and pastries in the afternoon. EN Alexandra Colombo and Magali Lehners offer a series of classes based on Jivamukti Yoga, which incorporates physical, philosophical and spiritual elements, at the Yoga Palais.

Classes available at various levels and for children. EN Discover how it must have felt to be famous detective Sherlock Holmes as you spend an hour in his shoes. A thrilling, demanding and educational but above all fun adventure that will require you to use all your skills and common sense to piece together the clues and solve the mysteries before your time runs out!

EN You might be familiar with the talents of Chen Chong at the MontSaint-Lambert for the fine ambience and beautiful menu he has created there, but did you know he was opening a new sushi restaurant in the form of Hakii? This new restaurant maintains the same feeling of warmth and the same cultural, hybrid feel as its big brother, with special rums and beers served alongside Japanese light bites. Given its location, the restaurant offers special menus and prices for students. Dancers, graffiti artists, rappers and beatboxers are invited to submit their applications.

A popular working-class neighbourhood that stretches along the Alzette, the suburb of Pfaffenthal lives in the shadow of the fortress ramparts and to the rhythm of its clubs, associations and bistros. Dylan et Sophie, touristes britanniques, ajoutent: Oekosoph est un bistrot pas comme les autres. The bistro is a place for all sorts of discussions. The escalator will be delivered and installed in March Grid work mains, water, electricity, etc. As a result he has learned how to say hello and thank you in at least a dozen languages, including Chinese.

For him the Pfaffenthal lift has been a blessing: British tourists Dylan and Sophie add: In the evening the menu is smaller but on Saturdays a more elaborate menu is offered with, for example, beer stew or truffle Kniddelen. The upstairs room can accommodate small groups for parties or birthdays. When they change activity, they move their photo This small detail shows the philosophy behind Atelier Zeralda, which advocates for the autonomy of children and for non-violent communication. Atelier Zeralda includes the Service Kand a Famill for advice and guidance , the Service Quartier promoting exchange with residents and campaigning against exclusion and a streetwork programme.

You can also find a shelf of books here that can be swapped and a great number of magazines. You can also simply come here to have a drink. There are classic organic soft drinks, organic beer also special ones and a selection of wines. Snacks and soups are served for smaller appetites and there are always vegetarian and vegan dishes. Cooking classes to learn how to make vegan and vegetarian recipes are also on offer. In the s the club was at its. At the time they did not have a room to rehearse in and had to do so at the Limpertsberg. Since the finances were good at the time Sang a Klang acquired land and built a hall that is still in use today.

With its vintage charm and raised stage, the Sang a Klang hall is perfectly suited to theatre performances, concerts, music contests, readings and choral performances. Multiple music groups such as the Blues Club, international community associations and theatre companies regularly rent out the venue. First off, it is entirely run by volunteers. Finally it offers social activities so that people can meet, chat and… play. On Wednesday they run a board games evening; people come alone or in a group and enjoy playing together.

Tag your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter posts with the hashtags of the month, and the best ones will be published here:. Thanks to the various initiatives, there are all kinds of cultural, recreational and sporting activities for parents to do with kids aged 0 to 3 as they begin to explore the world during these tender years. EN The Philharmonie offers a series of concerts especially for kids aged years old. Starring three soloists — on the flute, oboe, and bassoon — from the Orchestre Philharmonique de Luxembourg and a puppet, Jacques et le marchand de sable is the first show for a young audience designed and produced entirely by the Philharmonie.

Using German Vocabulary Cambridge 2004

Jacques is put to bed by his parents and we follow him into his world of dreams. These minute performances are without words, therefore no language expertise is needed. EN Familiarise your baby with being in water from a young age. The fundamental aim to is to encourage babies to develop confidence in water early on. This can be extremely positive, as the younger children are accustomed to being in water, the more quickly they become comfortable in it. The course takes place in the sports and health basin in water heated to 32 degrees. These classes are very popular and fill up far in advance.

EN Every Tuesday, Bikram Yoga Luxembourg welcomes both mothers and babies to its gentle yoga class in a laid-back environment. We work on breathing and toning to keep mums energised and various postures chosen to regulate hormonal changes. Babies are welcome after weeks and kids until they start walking.

EN Friday morning is workout time at the babygym for kids aged months. Kinesiologist Florence Ghyselen tells us: The course is in French and each group is composed of a maximum of 10 children. The little ones are drawn to the diverse play areas with sandpits and slides, monkey bars and swings. Feed inquisitive minds by embracing the fresh outdoors, nature and wildlife by taking a walk around the lake, water features and flower garden.

As well as playgrounds, there is ample green space to lounge around, have a picnic, or play games.

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Visiting a museum with little ones has never been so easy. Each last Thursday of the month at Parents can view the exhibitions easily in a relaxed atmosphere with many other families out appreciating a cultural visit. For ages years and parents of all ages! No need to reserve. African lullabies are the starting point of this story that takes us into a fantasy world. A unique collaboration between Austrian and Zimbabwe theatre companies, the show features the impressive voices and stunning dance interludes performed by eight artists from Zimbabwe, who take the audience on a journey to the vast realm of dreams.

Spectacle les 9, 11 et 12 mars. Rotondes — place des Rotondes www. EN The restoration and rehabilitation of the Pont Adolphe required the complete demolition of the bridge deck and spandrel. The work allowed for the laying of the future tram tracks and for the road and pavements to be renovated. The bridge reopening, which has been delayed due to bad weather, will now take place over the weekend of February 11th and 12th unless serious meteorological conditions, such as frost or snow for several days, prevent this.

The work will take place from the evening of the 11th throughout the night and the bridge will open on the 12th in the afternoon. The last bits of work that need to be carried out include scraping off the existing road surface and laying down new asphalt concrete at the junction that connects both to the place de Bruxelles and the place de Metz. The road markings need to be carried out and the vertical signage, traffic lights and lighting installed.

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At first, only one pavement — the upstream side in the direction of Hollerich — will be open to pedestrians while the scaffolding is dismantled. This situation should not be particularly disruptive since that is what is currently happening on the temporary bridge. The temporary bridge, for its part, will be dismantled in the next few months and the entrance facing rue Prince Henri will become the entrance for the bicycle ramp that passes under the bridge. The latter is expected to open in late summer After the bridge reopens the traffic will circulate as before: Quand vous verrez ce pictogramme, rendez-vous sur city.

When you see this pictogram, head to city. EN The homage to the cult Chilean film maker draws to a close in February with three films — two directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky himself and a documentary about one of his most ambitious projects. The first part of the retrospective focuses on her breakthrough roles in the s.

Elle commence cependant par un film moins connu: We continue our exploration of professions relating to the cinema. Meet Pascal Charlier, a construction manager on dozens of films including Noces, which comes out this month. He caught on to how a shoot works very fast and was soon appreciated for his adaptability and ability to listen to others. His knowledge and understanding of mechanics and machinery and his resourcefulness led him to become a member of the construction team and, soon after, construction manager. The role of construction manager begins before the shoot when she or he reads the script.

This is when difficulties that will lead to specific needs are identified, anything that involves movement, staircases, cramped rooms, passing from indoors to outdoors, someone in pursuit or vehicles for example. During filming, the construction team is often the first on set so that it can install the necessary technical equipment for each take and for moving the camera around. This equipment includes trolleys, rails, cranes and lighting systems, which are disassembled, moved and reassembled over the course of filming each scene.

Another important aspect of the job is the safety of staff using machinery that can be delicate to operate and handle. EN An evening exploring the aesthetics of the absurd, popular culture, philosophy and the relationship to pleasure and melancholy. On the programme for the evening: The work was created in in Venice. It distinguishes itself for being entirely sung a cappella-style on a bare stage by six young singers. Like a mysterious ritual, the songs evolve from onomatopoeia, whispers and whistles to scansions, hand clapping and beating of feet.

A quasi-corporeal vocal work. Le Sacre du printemps et Henri Michaux: After a series of sojourns abroad — in Berlin, Bali, Nepal and New York — she founded her own company in and, three years later, created her own version of the Sacre du Printemps. In she was appointed director of the dance section of the Venice Biennale for the four-year term. Le Sacre du Printemps and Henri Michaux: Since its creation in the first has been both a monument of the choreographic repertoire and a touchstone of contemporary music.

It promises to be an evening not to be missed! Roman Tome 1 is a choreographic adaptation conceived for four dancers and one musician. EN This month sees the opening of three exhibitions at the Mudam. Renowned British sculptor and artist Tony Cragg has been based in Wuppertal since His work, which fills the spaces of the museum for this exhibition, is driven by change and transformation and characterised by an incessant formal boldness as well as an innovative technical mastery born out of a passion for materials. His recent pieces made up of layers of steel, bronze, wood or thermo-.

British multidisciplinary artist Darren Almond explores the dimensions and intersections between concepts of time, space, history and landscape.

His visual work is developed according to precise production methods and is born out of a complete immersion in terrains that are as much geographical as human, personal and historical. Produced in migrant transit areas, these photographs shine a light on people who, in the face of forced displacement, attempt to survive in camps devoid of water, food and sanitation. EN A foray into the world of director Wes Anderson reveals a clever blend of poetry and humour as well as a total mastery of the image and a seductive and quirky aesthetic.

The exhibition sheds light on the world of football from the perspective of religious symbols thus revealing the contemporary idolatry of which it is the object. EN The paintings of Bosch have not only fascinated the public but also inspired other painters. These delightful videos reveal what goes on behind the wings of an opaque milieu often bulging with talent. EN The Villa Vauban unveils the world of passion, existential feelings and throes of the soul explored by European romantic artists.

This artistic movement depicted an emotionally profound world and was a quest for an absolute at once intimate and universal. At the death of his father, Albrecht took over his painting workshop and dedicated himself to producing devotional works intended to stimulate the compassion of the faithful.

These pious works, which were conceived for private spaces, can now be seen in the MNHA and are displayed alongside works by his contemporaries. Each of them explains the reasons for their approach and the research they carried out in the National Archives, illuminating facets of their individual histories in the process. EN The work of Cristina Lucas is based on the observation and meticulous analysis of the great forces of power.

The artist dissects capitalist principles by confronting them with reality and anchors them in the local context via stories and testimonials. EN Joseph Kutter left his mark on the art of the first half of the 20th century in the Grand Duchy by developing a prominent and stylistically expressionist oeuvre. The exhibition traces the creative journey of a painter fascinated by human representation and self-portraiture. EN Chiara Debize translated everyday life in the Calais jungle with the help of her mobile phone camera.

EN Artistic duo Fort exhibits for the first time outside Germany. The work benefits from a scholarly and immersive spatial installation that elevates objects to the rank of symbols. It explores both the notion of absence and that of disappearance. EN Moon-Pil Shim creates magnificent, delicate and precise pictorial landscapes. The game of colour vibrations and stratified surfaces plays imperceptibly with optical illusions projecting an inner world of a subtle beauty.

His realistic pictorial work blends cinematographic, photographic, historic and everyday references, provoking an awareness of the significant porosity between events. A feeling of strangeness mixed with curiosity emanates from this hybrid and surprising work. EN The gallery remembers the Cuban revolution and its most emblematic characters with an exhibition of period photography. EN Photographer reporter Darrin Zammit Lupi has been recording the arrival of refugees and migrants in Malta by sea as well as those who have landed on the island as a result of search and rescue operations.

His work is a moving testimonial. A strong bond and friendship is forged between the ten-year-old Elliot and E. The film will be shown in its original version in English with French subtitles. Le concert-performance Emergence de Max Cooper agence aux sons des machines un univers visuel foisonnant. EN While digital technology has from its beginnings been used and experimented with by artists, whether on the web or in the visual arts world, it has been done so in relatively private fashion.

Multiplica is interested in this new genre of creativity that innovates as much in terms of interactivity and creativity as in terms of technology and technicality. After analysing our eating habits she suggests sampling her creations, an act that inevitably leads to sharing, good cheer and culinary delight! Si je devais partir pour un autre territoire, je mourrais. The band mix classic pop songs with elements of folk and electronica to create a sound that will have even new fans singing and dancing along in no time.

After a short break from the music business he is back with a new album and a renewed vigour. Demand will be high for this show so get your tickets soon. Here we have two upcoming artists about whom little is known outside of their home country. Since then they have gone on to play sold out headline shows at huge venues all over the world including a big show at Rockhal.

With that in mind it is a real treat to have them in this relatively intimate space in the city centre. They took a well earned break and reemerged with Beacon, an album that builds on the sound of their first album in added bigger production values and a more polished sound. With Gameshow, their latest album, they have thrown the production sink at the project. Chock full of radio friendly hits they look set to continue their domination of the airwaves.

Nous aurons donc beaucoup de chance de pouvoir les voir dans cet espace relativement intime du centre-ville. They have been gathering a cult following since their formation in due to their furious live shows and biting and funny lyrics which take aim at everything they see wrong with the world. Mangy Love, released earlier this year, was his ninth album and the singer from California shows no signs of slowing down.

Blending elements of folk, rock, punk and psychedelia, Cass McCombs is the best singer-songwriter out there that you might not have heard about. The singer-songwriter from France was one of the highlights of Rock-A-Field and since then he has released his full length debut record. Great vocals coupled with dance beats are slightly reminiscent of Milky Chance but Broken Back should have far more staying power. FR Broken Back est de retour! Gringo Star hail from Atlanta, Georgia and they bring a number of influences from the South with them, there are elements of blues rock to their sound but they also have some killer short, almost poppy songs too.

The band are from Manchester and are like an under-cover Emo or punk band. Their lyrics are often dark, critical and biting and they look like they should be playing heavy riff laden rock songs but they counter all of that with a sound that has always been pure pop. There really is a lot in there to enjoy and the craft with which they write and perform their songs is worthy of the attention of anyone who enjoys music. Their latest record, the lengthily titled I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it, is heavily influenced by Prince and the funk sounds of the 80s.

When they played their new material at Rock-A-Field in the summer, they went down a storm so expect lots of singing along now that fans have had some time to listen to the album. FR Un autre excellent groupe sera de retour au Luxembourg ce mois-ci: Their music is almost entirely instrumental but such is the energy that they bring to the stage and the high quality of their songs that their audiences are always some of the most engaged and enthusiastic to be found in the Grand Duchy.

They are a band on the rise and this is a great opportunity to catch them early in their career. Et il y a autre chose: Initiated to the sitar at the age of nine by her father and sitar master Ravi Shankar, Anoushka is a virtuoso at playing his music. She will perform his Concerto for Sitar No. Young conductor Duncan Ward, already highly prized by numerous orchestras, will then lead the OPL in Fumes, one of his own musical compositions.

By turn dazzling and imperious, the mezzo-soprano has transformed the opera into a cult piece. Two decades later this patron of musicians will be on stage at the Philharmonie Luxembourg to highlight this formidable score, an example of a high-flying bel canto with numerous comic elements.

EN Recognised as the greatest gambist in the world, Jordi Savall is one of the main reasons behind the success of the film All the Mornings of the World. Dieser stellt auf eigene Faust weitere Nachforschungen an und kommt bald dem angesehenen Arzt Dr. Francis Flegg auf die Spur, mit dessen Arbeitsmethoden einiges im Argen zu liegen scheint. Noch seltsamer ist jedoch Fleggs blasser und blutleerer Gehilfe Marshall Quesne.

Mit der Hilfe seines Freundes Dr. Trotz seines Titels ist "Das zweite Leben des Dr. Trotzdem ist "Das zweite Leben des Dr. Der Henker von London. Buck Rogers Conquers the Universe. Ernest Sovac wartet der elektrische Stuhl. Kingsley erwachte wieder, abwechselnd als Professor sowie als skrupelloser Gangster, der eine halbe Million Dollar vor Polizei und Kumpanen versteckt hielt. Leider haben die beiden keine gemeinsamen Szenen. Dank Karloff und Lugosi dennoch sehr unterhaltsamer Klassiker.

Seit einem Autounfall hat sie keine Erinnerung mehr, wandert jedoch jede Nacht zu Kesslers Haus, wo er sie vom Fenster aus beobachtet. Und jedesmal verliert er dabei die Besinnung und begeht einen Mord, an den er sich danach nicht erinnern kann. Das Grab der Mumie. Burns, Frank Reicher, Emmett Vogan. Louis Judd, der Irena helfen soll.

Doch Irena erscheint nicht zu den Sitzungen, und sie und Oliver leben sich immer weiter auseinander. Die forsche Reporterin Patricia Hunter kommt dem seltsamen Dr. Foster, einem nichtsahnenden Kollegen von Lorenz. Vertriebsfirma Monogram Pictures drehte. Von ihm unbeachtet, erweckt derweil sein Handlanger, ein tief gesunkener Ex-Doktor, die Toten im Keller wieder zum Leben.

Ansonsten treten die Horror-Elemente in Wallace W. Ich folgte einem Zombie. I Walked with a Zombie. Betsy verliebt sich schon nach kurzer Zeit in Paul und will alles daran setzen, Jessica gesund zu pflegen. Heimlich bringt sie Jessica zu einer Eingeborenen-Kommune. Doch diese erschreckt das Tier, welches prompt entkommt. Es stellt sich bald heraus, dass niemand weiss, wo Jacqueline ist. Mary trifft auf den Privatdetektiv Irving August, der im "La Sagesse" das Zeitliche segnet; den gefallenen Schriftsteller und Poeten Jason Hoag, der ihr helfen will; die Betreiber eines italienischen Lokals, in dem ihre Schwester gesehen wurde; den charmanten Gregory Ward, der sich als Jacquelines Ehemann zu erkennen gibt; sowie auf den Psychiater Dr.

Louis Judd, der behauptet zu wissen, wo Jacqueline sich aufhalte. Zusammen kommen sie einem Geheimbund von Teufelsanbetern , der sich als "Palladisten" bezeichnet und mit dem Marys Schwester involviert war, auf die Spur. Auf ein "echtes" Geisterschiff oder gar Geister wird der Zuschauer, so viel sei verraten, in diesem mehr als Charakterstudie und psychologisches Drama mit Horror- und " Film-Noir "-Elementen angelegten Werk nicht treffen. Trotzdem spannend, originell und sehenswert wie alle der Lewton-Horrorfilme.

Arbeiter sollen in Louisiana einen Sumpf ausheben, doch die Mehrheit von ihnen weigert sich, dem Auftrag nachzukommen. James Halsey und sein Assistent Dr. Das Bildnis des Dorian Gray. The Picture of Dorian Gray. Edinburgh im Jahr Isle of the Dead. Davis hingegen verliebt sich in Thea. Ein mit bescheidenen Mitteln gemachter Film aus der RKO-Produktionsschmiede und der vorletzte Film der "Lewton 9", der neun intelligenten und unkonventionellen Horrorfilme, deren Produktion Val Lewton zwischen beaufsichtigte. Kemp, Knox Manning, Mike Miller.

Als das Projekt Form annimmt, wendet sich jedoch der Tenor in der Presse gegen sie — man realisiert, dass die Regierung den Start verhindern will. So werden die Vorbereitungen beschleunigt und der Start vorverschoben. Die deutsche Kino-Synchronisation des Films blieb bislang leider verschollen. Sein Talent zeigt er schon in "Rakete Mond startet".

Als die Rakete der Weltraum-Fahrer von einem Meteoriten-Sturm getroffen und ernsthaft in Mitleidenschaft gezogen wird, beschliessen sie eine Notlandung auf dem Mars. Cat-Women of the Moon. Eine amerikanische Expedition befindet sich auf dem Weg zum Mond. Invasion vom Mars Originaltitel: Der ist sich sicher, dass eine Invasion der " Mars -Menschen" im Gange ist.

Der britische Verleih verlangte damals einen Nachdreh! Die deutsche Fassung basiert auf dieser britischen bzw. The War of the Worlds. Paramount Pictures A Paramount Picture. Clayton Forrester und die junge Sylvia zunehmend verzweifelt nach einem Mittel, wie den Ausserirdischen beizukommen ist. Das Datum der ersten Mondlandung traf der unter anderem von Robert A.

It Stalked the Ocean Floor. Monster from the Ocean Floor. Adams den Planeten Altair 4. Auf Altair 4 leben jedoch nur noch Dr. Edward Morbius, der Adams eindringlich vor einer Landung warnt eine Warnung, die der Commander missachtet , sowie seine Tochter Altaira. Schon kurz nach der Landung wird das Raumschiff von einem unsichtbaren Wesen angegriffen, derweil Adams und seine Mannen mehr und mehr den Geheimnissen von Morbius und Altair auf die Spur kommen.

Denn Morbius stiess auf das Erbe der Krell, einer unvorstellbar hoch entwickelten und dennoch untergegangenen Rasse, die einst den Planeten bewohnte. Die Eroberung des Weltalls. Gebaut und geleitet von General Samuel T. Unter dem Kommando des psychisch zunehmend belasteten Generals wird die Reise zu einem lebensbedrohlichen Himmelfahrtskommando. Metaluna 4 antwortet nicht. Universal International Pictures UI. Ruth Adams, mit der er einst Bekanntschaft gemacht hatte, wiedersieht. Dieser ist massiven Angriffen durch den verfeindeten Planeten Zagon ausgesetzt, dessen Raumschiffe Meteore auf Metaluna schiessen.

Cal und Ruth sollen mit ihren Kentnissen Metaluna helfen, dem die Wissenschaftler ausgehen. The Phantom from 10, Leagues. Milner Brothers Milner Bros. Einer jener er-Jahre-Monsterfilme, die einen wirklich extrem schlechten Ruf haben, und nach dem Ansehen muss gesagt werden, so schlecht ist er gar nicht. Regisseur Dan Milner drehte anscheinend genau drei 3 Filme in seiner Karriere, so etwa unter anderem noch den Horrorfilm "From Hell It Came" , in dem ein amok laufender Baumstumpf sein Unwesen treibt.

Attack of the Crab Monsters. Tag" ein mit einigem Unrecht in Vergessenheit geratener Film, dem der "Klassiker"-Status bis heute verwehrt blieb. Der kleine Timmie, Sohn des Wissenschaftlers Dr. The Incredible Petrified World. Talentfrei und einer der schlechtesten Regisseure der Filmgeschichte. Dies ist dabei noch einer seiner besseren Filme! Doch er hat ein recht unverzeihliches Manko: Wenn das Gezicke der beiden weiblichen Hauptprotagonisten das spannendste am ganzen Film ist, weiss man, dass etwas nicht stimmen kann.

The Night the World Exploded. Ein Team von Geologen, unter ihnen Dr. Ihre Warnungen werden missachtet, doch das Beben findet wie vorausgesagt statt. Bald sieht man die ganze Welt bedroht, denn Element scheint in rauen Mengen vorhanden zu sein. Regisseur war Fred F.

Missile to the Moon.

Layton Film Productions Inc. Richard Travis, Cathy Downs, K. Dayton und seine Verlobte June geraten ebenfalls als blinde Passagiere an Bord. Das Grauen kam um Mitternacht. Night of the Blood Beast. Julie Benson kann ihn nur noch tot bergen. Ein ausserirdisches Wesen aus der " Galaxie 27", das sogleich den anwesenden Dr. John, der mit dem Wesen in telepathischem Kontakt steht, insistiert jedoch darauf, dass der Eindringling friedlicher Natur ist.

Ein ganz besonderes, weltweit einmaliges Kuriosum stellt die deutsche Kinofassung von "Night of the Blood Beast" dar. So kam die deutsche Fassung, die am 4. William Berke Productions Inc. Das Objekt erzeugt extreme Hitze und vernichtet alles, was unter seiner Flugbahn liegt. David Loring, der an diesem Tag eigentlich heiraten wollte, versucht mit einer von ihm entwickelten Hydrogen-Bombe , den vermutlich ausserirdischen Agressor zu vernichten.

Queen of Outer Space. The Terror from Beyond Space. Vogue Pictures Robert E. Bald beginnt das Crew-Sterben auch dort. Planet der toten Seelen. War of the Satellites. Ausserirdische Wesen wollen nicht, dass die barbarische und "verseuchte" Menschheit das All erobert. Ist er noch er selbst? Dem deutschen Mercator-Filmverleih war der 66 Minuten lange Film zu kurz, weshalb man einen ziemlich aufwendigen Nachdreh mit deutschen Schauspielern organisierte.

Die neuen Szenen wurden anschliessend raffiniert in den US-Film integriert. Nebenbei entledigte sich die deutsche Fassung elegant der zwei schlechtesten Schauspieler des Originals junges Liebespaar und ersetzte diese kurzerhand. Von der Erde zum Mond. From the Earth to the Moon. Schoedsacks "King Kong und die weisse Frau" einen unvergesslichen Welthit landete. Die Trickaufnahmen sowie ein grosser Teil der Musik stammen aus Paramounts aufwendigem Kinofilm "Eroberung des Weltalls" von , wo die gelungenen Spezialeffekte — im Gegensatz zu "Destination Space" — noch in Farbe zu bewundern waren.

Return of the Fly Produktion: John Carradine spielt den Ausserirdischen auf Forschungsmission hinter einer dunklen Brille oder halb durchsichtig und hat recht wenig Leinwandzeit. Pierce der es besser konnte liegt. Spezialeffekte gibt es leider auch kaum zu sehen. Nach einigen Zwischenaufenthalten in der nahen Zukunft, unter anderem im 2. Weltkrieg, reiste George ins Jahr ' und sah, wie sich die Menschheit in zwei Rassen trennte: Er verliebt sich in die Eloi-Frau Weena und nimmt es ganz allein mit den Morlocks auf, die eine grosse Achillesferse haben.

The Amazing Transparent Man. Ulof hat dort eine Methode entwickelt, die Menschen unsichtbar macht. Doch das soll nur der Anfang sein. Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. Der Himmel steht in Flammen. Auch an Spannung mangelt es dem Film, der deutlich aufwendiger war als viele Science-fiction-Filme seiner Zeit, nicht. Die Schauspieler-Riege war ebenfalls beachtlich: Mit seinem Weltuntergangs-Szenario war der auch unter dem Titel "Als der Weltraum zu brennen begann" gezeigte Film in guter Gesellschaft: Panic in Year Zero! Unterwegs sehen sie seltsame Blitze und beobachten anschliessend eine riesige Atom-Explosion.

Offenbar hat ein Atomkrieg begonnen. Ray Milland setzte sich hier selbst in Szene als Familienoberhaupt, das versucht, seiner Familie im "Jahre Null", nach dem Ausbruch eines atomaren Weltkriegs, den Fortbestand zu sichern. The Day Mars Invaded Earth. Personen scheinen doppelt vorhanden zu sein. Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. Santa Claus Conquers the Martians Produktion: Ein sehenswerter und origineller Science-fiction-Klassiker.

Der Schrecken aus der Meerestiefe. Destination Inner Space Produktion: Zontar the Thing from Venus. Zontar the Thing from Venus Produktion: Wissenschaftler Keith Ritchie gelingt es, Kontakt zu einer Lebensform aufzunehmen, die auf der Venus haust. Die Nacht der lebenden Toten. Night of the Living Dead.

Die lebenden Toten jagen Menschen, deren Fleisch sie fressen. Ben und Barbara treffen auf weitere Menschen, die sich im Keller des Hauses verschanzt haben. Der junge Filmemacher George A. Tobe Hooper drehte mit bescheidenen Mitteln einen Film, der zum Archetypen des modernen " Backwoods "-Horrorfilms und zu einem der grossen Klassiker des Terror-Kinos schlechthin werden sollte. Ohne viel Blut etc. Zurecht einer der ganz grossen Genre-Klassiker.

Panik in der Sierra Nova. Day of the Animals. Das Ende der Welt. End of the World Produktion: Die Erde hingegen ist dem Untergang geweiht. Was gibt es zu diesem Film noch zu sagen? Star Trek — Der Film. Star Trek — The Motion Picture. Leider waren Kritik und vor allem die "Star-Trek"-Fangemeinde nicht so enthusiastisch, hat doch der erste "Star-Trek"-Kinofilm bei ihnen weiterhin einen sehr schweren Stand.

Noch nie sah das Weltall auf der Leinwand besser aus. Das Grauen aus der Tiefe Originaltitel: Humanoids from the Deep. The Empire Strikes Back. Invasion aus dem Weltall. The Day Time Ended Produktion: Dann beginnen sich Zeit und Raum zu verschieben. The Fog — Nebel des Grauens.

Science-fiction, Horror & Fantasy Film Reviews

Und die Untoten haben Rache im Sinn. Carpenter komponierte auch die wirkungsvolle Musik und schrieb zusammen mit Produzentin Debra Hill das Drehbuch.

Der Schatten aus der Zeit - H. P. Lovecraft (Horror Hörbuch) DEUTSCH *30.000 Abonnenten yeah*

Einige Freaks, die sogenannten "Burner", tun es trotzdem — mit selbst hergestelltem, schwarzgebranntem Treibstoff und von nur ihnen selbst bekannten Verstecken aus. Der erste und letzte Kinofilm des Regisseurs David M. Robertson, gibt dieses hypernaive und leider weitgehend zurecht vergessene Werk vor, in den USA zu spielen, wurde jedoch in Alberta , Kanada produziert und gedreht.

Immerhin huldigt der Film mit seinem Titel einem Automobil, das es verdient hat. Familie Freeling, typische Vertreter des amerikanischen Mittelstandes, zieht in ein Einfamilienhaus in der neu errichteten kalifornischen Siedlung Cuesta Verde. Steve findet heraus, dass ihr Haus auf einem alten Indianerfriedhof errichtet wurde — man hat lediglich die Grabsteine an einen anderen Ort verfrachtet, die Toten jedoch blieben an Ort und Stelle.

Doch dies ist auch der Planet, auf dem Captain James T. Februar ausgestrahlt wurde und in der die "Enterprise" erstmals auf Khan trifft. Avanaida — Todesbiss der Satansviper. Brasilian sic untersuchen soll. Auch eine dubiose Schlangen-Sekte ist hinter dem Tier her, und es kommt, wie es kommen musste: Einer der interessanteren westlichen Schlangen-Horrorfilme, ist "Avanaida — Der Biss" Videotitel allerdings heutzutage recht schwer aufzutreiben.

Buckaroo Banzai — Die 8. The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai: Across the 8th Dimension. Return of the Jedi. Um dessen Schutzschild lahmzulegen, landet Solo mit einem Rebellenkommando auf dem nahen Waldmond Endor, derweil Luke sich seinem Vater — Darth Vader — stellt und von diesem zum Imperator geleitet wird. Mit noch mehr Kreaturen und Effekten auf der Leinwand als in den vorangegangenen Filmen schliesst sich der Kreis der fulminanten Sternen-Saga.

Adventures in the Forbidden Zone. Dazu gibt es einen unvergesslichen Soundtrack von Elmer Bernstein. Erstaunlich und schade, dass der damals teuerste bis anhin gedrehte 3-D-Film dermassen in der Versenkung verschwand. Wenigstens in meiner Welt ein unsterblicher Klassiker. Krieg der Eispiraten Originaltitel: Sikking, Dame Judith Anderson. An Bord herrscht traurige Stimmung. Leonard McCoys Bewusstsein transferiert wurde, nach Vulkan zu bringen.

Neben der Befehlsverweigerung macht ihnen auch der klingonische "Bird-of-Prey"-Kommandant Kruge, der hinter dem "Genesis"-Projekt her ist, das Leben schwer. Leonard Nimoy, der Darsteller von "Mr. Der Rest ist Geschichte: Proxima Centauri 3 — Revolte im All. Morton Reed Conrad E. Planet nach Kalifornien aussieht. Alle von ihnen ausser einem kleinen Jungen sterben dabei eines grausamen Todes. Dies geschieht mit allen, die sich dorthin verirren, u.

Davids boshafte Lehrerin, Mrs. Hooper, der bereits bei seinem bekanntesten Film "Poltergeist" mit Steven Spielberg zusammenarbeitete, liess sich zudem deutlich erkennbar von dessen Welt-Hit "E. Jimmy Hunt, der den kleinen Jungen spielte, ist hier noch einmal in einem Gastauftritt als Polizeichef zu sehen. Die Situation scheint ausweglos, als Kirk und seine Getreuen mit ihrem Klingonenschiff bei der Erde ankommen.

Spock entziffert die Signale der Sonde als Gesang von Buckelwalen — da diese im Jahrhunderts durch die Strassen von San Francisco anno irren und mit den vergleichsweise "barbarischen" Menschen der "Gegenwart" zusammentreffen. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. Es gelingt ihm, die Lokalradio-Moderatorin Stretch auf seine Seite zu bringen.

Mittlerweile auch schon so etwas wie ein Horror-Klassiker. Es ist auf geheimnisvolle Weise mit Harley verbunden. Der Film erhielt bis dato eine leidlich ansehbare sowie zwei guten Gewissens ignorierbare Fortsetzungen. Als Polizist Ben Richards sich weigert, wie befohlen mit dem Helikopter in eine Menge unbewaffneter, hungernder Demonstranten zu feuern, wird er verurteilt. Dieser versucht mit der jungen Amber Mendez als Geisel, ins Ausland zu gelangen, wird jedoch am Flughafen verhaftet.

Ben wird gezwungen, mit seinen beiden Kollegen bei "Running Man" mitzuspielen. Doch Richards spielt nicht nach den Regeln. Er spricht von der "achten Finsternis" und beruft sich auf ihm vorliegende alte Schriften.